Living unique and meaningful moments in Nature

and share them with you all

Nature, biodiversity, preservation of common and endangered species… Among many other things, this thrills me. I love spending hours waiting for the good light, the encounter with an elusive animal, as much as I love travelling the world to discover new magical places.

Travel the world, but never forget the backyard

I love discovering new places, new countries, new people. Spending days or weeks in a campervan many thousands kilometers away from home… Or simply observe Life in many forms (flowers, butterflies, …) in my garden. Follow me in the portfolio galleries to share my passion for Nature !

Passionate Photographer

Wildlife / Landscape / Peoples & Places

Foxes in the arctic, seals from New Zealand fjords or Hummingbirds in Martinique… What do they all have in common ? I love them all. Same as I love spending hours on a hike in French National Parcs or meeting new people in Vietnamese tribes. Photography is a part of me, and it’s my way of sharing the emotions I live out there with you guys.
Please feel free to jump from one country to the other in the portfolio, and even to drop me a note to tell me what you think ! Hope you’ll be able to experience (some of) the emotions I had when creating those images. All the best & take care.